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Rodexo marketing is an Irish digital marketing specialist.
From our two offices in Dublin and Cork, we can create the ultimate web presence for your brand.

Ben Mulcahy
Ben Mulcahy
Marketing Consultant Expert

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  • Business Digitalisation

Effortless Web Design

Using straightforward language, our web design specialists can build a website that is the perfect fit for your brand without all the unnecessary jargon. Unlike many web designers, we want you to have 100% clarity on what we do and why we do it, making it easier for you to contribute to the design process and continue to grow independently online.

  • Boost Traffic

Increasing Brand Awareness

With over 15 years of experience, our Digital Marketing specialists use the latest techniques to boost traffic to your website. Through a combination of internal and external SEO, we can maximise your companies Site Traffic.

  • Increase Revenue

Supercharge Sales

Getting site visitors is half the battle. Once you get traffic to your site, the next task is to generate conversions. Through UX, UI and speed optimisation, we make your website a sales generating machine!

Trusted by Leading Organisations

Madison Moore
Madison MooreEat Wild and Live Free
Rodexo have been a great help to me in setting up my blog and have always been willing to answer any questions I have.

Maryam Malekpour
Maryam MalekpourPhotographs by Mary
What I liked about Rodexo is their tips and tricks list that helped me boost my performance for free. For someone running a small photography business keeping costs to a minimum is essential!
Barry Mcmahon
Barry Mcmahon Electric Mindset
Ben and the Rodexo Team have been helping me with a series of my online presences.I chose Rodexo because they offer cost price social venture or charity websites!

Your Success is our motivation

Our company ethos means that we see our client businesses as extensions of our own, meaning you get 100% every time. In line with this motto, Rodexo follows a strict no hidden fees policy insuring you are always up to date with web design and marketing campaign progression.

Your Success is our motivation

Let’s Make Things Happen

Rodexo offers free consultations on all web design and digital marketing projects! Book yours now to see what we can do for you!

“I have been chatting with the team at Rodexo for the a number of weeks about upgrading my website. They are very helpful and informative and have always ensured I am up to speed on all that is happening with my site. As someone who isn’t very techy they keep things super easy to understand. Would highly recommend !”

Bibi Chambers

Deputy Principle St.Johns college

Ben Mulcahy
Ben Mulcahy
Marketing Consultant Expert

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