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Ben Mulcahy

Ben Mulcahy

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“I love nothing more than seeing a business prosper after partnering with us. I will make every effort to achieve the same for you.”

Ben Mulcahy

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Why does Rodexo only offer weekly updates for plugins and themes instead of daily?2022-02-03T18:38:10+01:00

Most of the time, the plugin updates contain some bugs immediately after their release. Getting them updated as soon as they come out could put your website at risk. Updating your plugins less frequently lets the developer take care of any bugs before you update allowing you a bug-free plugin update later.

Weekly updates allow us to update your site’s plugins when there isn’t much traffic on the website. This results in a lesser chance of your visitors facing any issues in the off chance something should go wrong.

We may delay Major plugins like WooCommerce for even longer than a week! Which is an exceptional measure we deem necessary to ensure your website continues to run smoothly.

Does Rodexo offer one-time speed optimisation in the management plans?2022-02-03T18:37:44+01:00

Rodexo does offer speed optimisation services to those who want to accelerate their website’s loading speed as well as maintaining that speed into the future.
One-time speed optimisation is not effective in the long run and will undoubtedly lead to disappointment down the line. Therefore we only offer speed optimisation as a subscription.

Is the website’s loading speed of fewer than two seconds guaranteed?2022-02-03T18:37:24+01:00

We have managed to achieve a loading speed of less than one second with many of our sites. However, we would never promise something that is not guaranteed. We take website loading speeds seriously.

Every website has its own unique structure, scale, and design; hence, we cannot be certain of reaching a loading time of fewer than 2 seconds for every website. There are several factors affecting site speed which include; ads, hosting quality and site optimisation.

How will you monitor my website (s) 24/7?2022-02-03T18:35:43+01:00

Our team uses several automated tools to monitor and assess your websites’ status. These automated tools are programmed to monitor your website every minute of the day. These pings happen every single minute and evaluate your website to prevent any 400/500 errors.

Do your services include malware detection and removal?2022-02-03T18:34:29+01:00

It is important to note that if this is the main reason behind your subscription, you will have to sign up to a plan which includes this as our more basic offering do not include malware protecting services. However, subscribing to a higher program entitles you to get malware detection and removal.

How long does it usually take to resolve an issue?2022-02-03T18:34:00+01:00

This depends on several variables, time of day, number of queries, but mainly on the ticket number. This is how the process goes:

  1. We respond through email within the first 2-6 hours. The response email will include confirmation of your email receipt and give you an idea of when we can expect to have the issue diagnosed. It concludes with a promise to get back to you once the issue has been resolved.
  2. A resolution or predicted resolution email would be sent to you within the next 24 to 48 hours containing the changes made by our team on the ticket.


Is phone support services available?2022-02-03T18:33:33+01:00

Our pricing structure has been designed to be affordable to firms of all sizes, and there are no hidden or extra charges. You only pay for the services you receive. Considering the worldwide nature of our clients, we offer our support services exclusively through LiveChat and email.
Although phone support services are not available at Rodexo, we do believe in prioritising customer satisfaction above all else. However, we have super-fast, friendly, and effective live chat and email support, our customer support is highly trained, efficient in what they do, and will answer all your questions.

I have multiple websites that require maintenance services. Can you help?2022-02-03T18:33:04+01:00

Of course! No matter how many websites you have, we can help you run them.
Each of our management packages covers one WordPress domain, subdomain, website or installation per package. Although these may be seen as the one site to a customer, their management needs are much more significant and cannot be covered in a single website management plan. You will need to subscribe to a management plan for each.

How do I get started?2022-02-03T18:32:25+01:00

After signing up for your chosen plan, we will contact you via your provided email address. The email will contain simple instructions to guide you through the set-up process.

Once we have everything we need, our team of experts will fully implement your subscription plan within 48 hours.
Due to the scale of work required, it can take up to two weeks to work on speed enhancements.
Rest assured, you will get regular updates via email about how your sites’ upgrades are going. Transparency is a cornerstone of our business, with our clients regarding all elements of the project. All relevant updates, issues and progress will be reported to you regularly.

Does Rodexo work with a specific hosting provider?2021-12-12T19:05:19+01:00

Your choice of a hosting provider does not affect our ability to provide management services. We can work on any WordPress website regardless of provider.
However, we cannot guarantee your desired security and speed level if your website is running on a shared hosting provider. We do offer a Cpanel hosting service for WordPress websites that could get your website up to speed.