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Pay-per-click (PPC) Campaigns

Don’t rely on Luck to Reach Your Audience!

Increase Brand Awareness

When you first launch your website or online store, you expect to get loads of traffic. But soon you’ll realize that traffic doesn’t appear as you might have thought. You need to advertise your site to allow it to gain traffic. Our designated PPC team can increase real traffic, consisting of people willing to buy from you.

One of the best ways to get potential customers to your website is through paid advertisement. It’s a way of supercharging your google ranking to gain traffic without relying on luck. A good PPC campaign will gain enough footfall to boost your position on googles organic searches permanently.

At Rodexo, we can help you make the highest ROI from PPC campaigns. Our strategy will be optimised to best suit your needs with guaranteed results.

PPC Campaign Strategy

The first step towards a highly profitable PPC Campaign is strategy.

To make the most of your advertising campaign, you have to have the correct strategy. You can buy as many ads as you want on Google or Microsoft ads, but if your system isn’t optimised, that investment will go to waste.

You need to take a comprehensive approach to you PPC. A solid strategy will include detailed keyword research, competitor analysis, live ad tracking and a detailed reporting system for the whole campaign.

At Rodexo, we provide custom-tailored PPC campaigns that will put your website in front of potential customers. Rest assured, we will create a strategy that will maximise your firms ROI.


Efficient PPC Campaign Setup

Once our team compiles a holistic strategy, we also help you implement it. Usually, marketing agencies will give you a plan and leave you to do the heavy lifting, but not us.

The Rodexo team insure that you get the most effective PPC campaign that achieves your goals. We constantly assist you in monitoring your PPC performance, continuously making minor adjustments to optimise your outcome. Our experts will guide you through each step and make sure you take the most appropriate route to reach your audience.

Ben Mulcahy

Marketing Consultant Expert

Ben Mulcahy-Southern Ireland Head of Operations

Pin-Point Campaigns/Remarketing

In the online world, your marketing journey does not end when a customer makes a purchase. With the fast pace of the internet, your customers can quickly forget about your services. By utilising remarketing campaigns, you can retain brand awareness in any industry. For example, customers came to your e-commerce store and purchased some Celtic artwork in October. There’s a high probability that they would be interested in buying more as presents coming up to Christmas. They may have kept your website in their memory for a short while, but after a week or two, they’ll have forgotten all about it and buy from someone else. Utilising remarketing, there’s a very high probability that you can entice them to return and buy for another product or service.

That’s what Remarketing is all about. The experts at Rodexo will make sure that customers remember your brand and are up to date with your most recent offers. This way, you’ll gain repeat customers and see more profits than any other campaign can give you.

Proper Reports On Each PPC Campaign

Frequent and accurate reporting is the key to a successful PPC campaign. Inciteful graphs can help to visualise how well your campaign is performing. We share every detail of the PPC campaign, from the click-through rate to the audience reach. We track every useful data point for you. We then compile these results and provide you with an accurate report that tells you everything you need to know in an easy to understand format.

Rodexo has a 100% honesty guarantee so that you can be confident in our data. As well as providing you with interpreted data clearly and concisely, we also give access to the raw data so that you can check all results yourself.

By trusting in us, you can expect to see real ROI. We improve your online performance by bringing real traffic to your website, store, or anywhere else on the web.

We can create and manage any PPC campaign. We have worked with all the major PPC platforms such as Google, Microsoft (Bing), Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Rodexo offers free consultations on all web design and digital marketing projects! Book yours now to see what we can do for you!

“I have been chatting with the team at Rodexo for the a number of weeks about upgrading my website. They are very helpful and informative and have always ensured I am up to speed on all that is happening with my site. As someone who isn’t very techy they keep things super easy to understand. Would highly recommend !”

Bibi Chambers

Deputy Principle St.Johns college

Ben Mulcahy
Ben Mulcahy
Marketing Consultant Expert

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