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At Rodexo, we believe that SEO is effective only when used in conjunction with a holistic, integrated digital marketing strategy. Implemented correctly, SEO can substantially increase organic traffic to your website, improve your position on search pages, and help you generate more fruitful leads and sales.

Implementing and creating an effective SEO strategy doesn’t have to be complicated.

To deliver results, you must take a comprehensive approach to your SEO strategy that has the following:

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We look at the coding, structure, site speed, and other metrics of your website. All of these factors could impact your search traffic and your site’s location on search result pages. We ensure your site’s background metrics are optimised for engines to find your site and its content.

Effective keyword research has to be more than plugging terms into a keyword research tool. It’s vital to know what your customers are searching when they find you. By asking your clients this, you can quickly discover terms you need to include in your content to attract more customers. When creating your SEO strategy, we use several methods to look beyond the keyword itself, determining the keywords’ intent.

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A Custom SEO strategy to fit your brand, business or industry.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to SEO. Each strategy will be a combination of keyword research and review, customer analytics and competitor research. This will differ vastly for a small local business versus a major corporation with a global market. We work with our clients to understand how their unique value proposition, caters to their industry and goals. Using this, we adapt our SEO approach to cater specifically to every individual’s niche.

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“Rodexo have been a great help to me in setting up my blog and have always been willing to answer any questions I have.”

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“I have been chatting with the team at Rodexo for the a number of weeks about upgrading my website. They are very helpful and informative and have always ensured I am up to speed on all that is happening with my site. As someone who isn’t very techy they keep things super easy to understand. Would highly recommend !”

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